Central Louisiana Daydream (Bus From Alexandria)

BMI Work ID: 9723672

ISWC: T9012361089

Copyright © 1972

Songwriter: William H. Reid (BMI #554935423)

Publisher: Fewer Sorrows Music (BMI #636117851)

Comin’ on the bus from Alexandria
Made the connection from New Orleans.
Left the town at two AM and
Rode the Trailways bus all night
Just to bring a little light and
Smile and settle in my arms again.

I expect that you’ll be tired when you get here,
‘Specially if the baby comes along.
But you can sleep here in my bed, and
I’ll just mess around the house
Thinkin’ that it’s nice to have you
Back and see your smilin’ face, and
Feel you settle in my arms again.

I’ll watch the hair spread on the pillow ’round your face, and
Hope that when you wake up you’ll be happy. And
Like some of the things I did the
Night before you got here, like the
Lotion and the cold cream that I bought for you to use; the
Color of the brand new sheets, and
Steaks to cook out on the grill, and
Wine to have while dinner’s on, and,

Oh yes, the thoughts inside this song.