Title: Country Blues and Story Songs

Artist: Bill Reid & The Fewer Sorrows Band

Released: November 1st, 2011


  1. Pocket Full of Soul
  2. Trouble in Mind
  3. Pancho & Lefty
  4. In a Young Girl’s Mind
  5. One Town at a Time
  6. Betty & Dupree
  7. The New Frankie & Johnny
  8. Because You’re There (Feat. J’Nae Fincannon)
  9. Mr. Bojangles
  10. A Place Inside His Heart


“. . . a rich tapestry that brings every song alive . . . Reid and the Band take the listener on a nonstop road trip with wonderful hills and curves. It’s a great ride!”

– Kathleen Hudson, Director, Texas Heritage Music Foundation

A Place Inside His Heart (Country/Ballad) (formerly “My” Heart) — Austin Songwriter Competition Winner — This is a sad song. I was writing songs for our new granddaughter and the lyrics just sprang to mind. There’s a nagging poignance; I found myself getting teary as I sang the words. I converted the lyric to third person so that different genders and ages of vocalists could sing it; it sounds great with a female country vocalist. The song sounds pretty good solo, but the band and J’Nae really make this performance.

Because You’re There (formerly “Image” or “She Comes Into the Room”) (Ballad) should have been written in some pastoral setting for my lovely wife, Elise. But the fact is, I was between wives a long time ago and trying to impress a sweet young nurse. She saw the guitar and asked if I played. I said yes, and went out on a limb and said I wrote a little, too. She didn’t believe me, and bet that I couldn’t write her a song in 10 minutes. She left the room, and when she came back, I had written it on the proverbial paper napkin. I’d love to know where she ended up. J’Nae makes it a fine duet.