Title: Double Lucky Blues

Artist: Bill Reid & The Fewer Sorrows Band

Released: August 11th, 2015


  1. Double Lucky Blues (JH McDonald)
  2. Never Get to Memphis (A Harvey)
  3. Can’t Get Somethin’ for Nothin’ (JH McDonald)
  4. Snake Farm (RW Hubbard)
  5. Hootchie Cootchie Man (W Dixon)
  6. One Meat Ball (Trad. – J White arrangement)
  7. That’s the Bag I’m In (F Neil)
  8. Hard Lovin’ Loser (R Farina, M Farina)
  9. Green Rocky Road (Trad.)
  10. Candy Man (G. Davis)
  11. Coffee and Old Men (AL Roberts, P Panell)


“Absolutely wonderful!”

– Laura Sullivan, Grammy-winning composer and pianist

“Beautifully performed and produced!”

– Wouter Kellerman, Grammy-winning flutist

“…soars with melody, smart arrangements… enriching the world with beautiful music and creative spirit”

– Kabil Sehgal, Grammy-winning producer