Drivin’ Home

BMI Work ID: 9723679

ISWC: T9012351610

Copyright © 1974, 2010, 2011

Songwriter: William H. Reid (BMI #554935423)

Publisher: Fewer Sorrows Music (BMI #636117851)

Out here on the road without you,
Thinkin’ of your hand in mine, I
Start the wheels a-turnin’ that’ll
Bring me to your side.
It’s good to know you’re always there,
Sittin’ by the window dreamin’
As I drive on through the evenin’,
Thinkin’ as I ride.
Drivin’ Home

It’s dark and pretty cold outside; the
Headlights kinda blind me. I re-
-Member all the feelin’s that I
Had when I was there. Then it’s
Daylight with an overcoat of
Fog and cattle wakin’ up to
Hear my 18-wheeler roarin’
Through the morning air.
Drivin’ Home.

Hauled thirteen tons of flatbed steel from
Boston to Atlanta, then I
Had to deadhead empty for a
Load in Tennessee. They
Filled me up with finished goods
Just outside of Knoxville. I
Headed south to New Orleans and
Now I’m nearly free.
And Drivin’ Home.

It’s I-10 into Houston with a
Trailer full of brand new tires, then
Bobtail up to Dallas, gettin’
Closer all the time. On a
Pretty Texas evenin’, I’m
Finally comin’ home to my girl.
Smilin’ as I leave the city,
Singin’ as I see the turnoff,
Laughin’ as my cab door opens,
Seein’ our door open up to you. (And)

Then your voice, and then your hand, and
All the other reasons for the
Way I feel when I come home, and
When my drivin’s through.
Drivin’ Home. . . . Drivin’ Home