Talkin’ Junebug Blues

BMI Work ID: 9670337

ISWC: T9011936268

Copyright © 2008, 2010, 2012

Songwriter: William H. Reid (BMI #554935423)

Publisher: Fewer Sorrows Music (BMI #636117851)

Junebug sittin’ on the side of the road
Just lookin’ up at a great big toad. (The)
Toad saw Junebug leanin’ on his knee and said,
“Who’s that Junebug botherin’ me?”

(Spoken) “It is I, June Elizabeth Peterson,
Of Baton Rouge, Louisiana,
Where I live with my parents.”

“I don’t understand,” said the great big toad, “(That’s an)
Awful long name, an awful big load for a
Tiny little girl so small, I see, who can
Rest her-self by leanin’ on my knee.

(Spoken) “Like a bug.
And cute as a bug’s ear.
But oddly small, nonetheless.”

“I believe, kind toad, you misperceive the situation. (My)
Size is part of my imagination. I can
Make you big or I can make me small, just to
Try things out and experience it all.

(Spoken) “To see, the view from your knee,
And enhance the creativi-tee,
Of the various perspectives one may assume.”

June stayed there beside the toady knee,
Perusin’ toady feet and examinin’ a flea. (She)
Really didn’t like it when he opened up his mouth, (and)
When he licked his eyeballs, it surely grossed her out.

(Spoken) It was unexpected.
It was entirely foreign to her.
So she picked him up and put him in a jar
For show-and-tell.