Title: The Blues this Time

Artist: Bill Reid & The Fewer Sorrows Band

Released: February, 2024


  1. Down at the Laundromat (feat. Charlie McCoy)
  2. Kansas City Blues (feat. Charlie McCoy)
  3. Dig the Bottom Out (feat. Charlie McCoy)
  4. Hello in There
  5. Love the Way (feat. Charlie McCoy)
  6. Bittersweet Waltz
  7. What a Wonderful World (feat. Jeff Taylor)





The world is filled with music, every kind of music. Blues occupies only a small part of that grand stage. I’ve written, performed and produced pieces and movie scores in over 30 countries. The blues isn’t my primary métier, but I know what I like. This album has it.


Blues is said to have begun in North America, but the blues today is far broader, sometimes “pure” and sometimes blurring boundaries and transcending genres. It’s still the blues, because the blues is people, in all their human forms. The Blues this Time illustrates some of that breadth with songs that take the listener from the American South to its Midwest, from the struggling young to the poignant old, and finally, in the last track, to the lovely hope of a Wonderful World. All of that happens in just seven songs, beautifully performed by a small band, terrific vocalists and a lead singer, Bill Reid, who’s been writing and performing since well before I was born.


I create big sounds and big productions, concerts, movies, music and dance in and for many cultures and peoples. Bill Reid & the Fewer Sorrows Band work in their corner of our profession and the emotional impact is as large, or at times larger than that of a soaring orchestra. With The Blues this Time, they’ve absolutely won the day.

Ricky Kej
Composer, musician, producer
United Nations “Goodwill Ambassador”
3-time Grammy® winner

Badassery deluxe . . .

Donnie Price
Blues man, actor, badass himself

Like a warm cup of tea on a cold winter’s evening . . .

Laura Sullivan
Grammy®-winning pianist & composer