The Mountain Man

BMI Work ID: 12230797

ISWC: T9055457120

Copyright © 2010

Songwriter: William H. Reid (BMI #554935423)

Publisher: Fewer Sorrows Music (BMI #636117851)

There’s a boy in Colorado who lives a-way up high
In the woods there with his family where the forest meets the sky.
He hangs out in a meadow, where the deer and foxes play,
and keeps an eye out for the bears so they don’t spoil his day.
He’s a Mountain Man. He’s a Mountain man.

He gets along with folks just fine; he’s not a hermit type.
He goes to school and plays with friends and likes to ride his bike.
But Mom and Dad have taught him well the ways of stream and tree,
Like followin’ a rocky trail and scamblin ‘cross the scree.
Like a Mountain Man. Like a Mountain Man.

He’s right at home in house or tent or sleepin’ ‘neath the sky.
He’s very confident with things that might scare you or I.
If grub gets low he’ll catch a fish or hunt a little game.
Soon all the forest animals will recognize the name
Of the Mountain Man. Yeah, the Mountain Man.

He may not be a big man yet, because he’s still a kid,
But everyone who comes his way had better put a lid
On any thought of teasin’ him or calling out “Hey Pickle!”
‘Cause Dylan Hart’s his real name; the other’s just Mom’s giggle
For the Mountain Man. Yes, he’s the Mountain Man.
He’s a Mountain Man. Dylan’s a Mountain Man.
He’s a Mountain Man. Dylan’s a Mountain Man.