The Pirate and the Swan

BMI Work ID: 9723676

ISWC: T9012346235

Copyright © 1979

Songwriter: William H. Reid (BMI #554935423)

Publisher: Fewer Sorrows Music (BMI #636117851)

Sun a-risin’ and Glory’s horizon the
Site of breakin’ of dawn
Explodes with thunder and people down under have
Got to be carry-in’ on.

Weep you now, young ladies, and
Stay you fast asleep. Don’t
Wake for fear of findin’ the
Devil in your keep.

On the water, nature’s own daughter
Glides along on her way.
Silently swimming, her eyes softly brimming as
Night’s memories fade into day.


Innocence lost to some words lightly tossed by the
Pirates who came to her nest,
Gathered her things, and then fled on the wings of new
Sunlight that fell on her breast.

Thoughts she denied of the devils inside; it’s
Better to leave them unsaid. The
Shadowy foe is a far lesser evil than
Feeling one’s innocence dead.


Sun a-risin’ and glory’s horizon, the
Sight of breakin’ of dawn
Enlarges to pale the soft-spoken tale of the
Pirate and the swan. . . .