The Requiem Series

  1. Prelude [Requiem Vivace]
  2. Youth
  3. Age
  4. Postlude [Afterlife]

The Requiem Series (complete recordings) (Prelude [Requiem Vivace], Youth, Age, Postlude [Afterlife]) (Classical) was written during the early 1990s, mostly in our weekend house on Lake Buchanan, Texas. My mother picked the prelude for her memorial service. The primary movements were dedicated to our daughter, Stephanie, before they became part of the Requiem Series (Steph is alive and well and a great artist). It is copyrighted but not a BMI-registered work, and I am happy to consider permissions and licenses for orchestras, arrangers, or music scriptwriters that contact me for the updated score through Fewer Sorrows Music (see email address on this site).