(We Say) Grace Before Breakfast

BMI Work ID: 9675838

ISWC: T9012047642

Copyright © 2008, 2011

Songwriter: William H. Reid (BMI #554935423)

Publisher: Fewer Sorrows Music (BMI #636117851)

Early every morning when the sun begins to shine,
Little Gracie opens up her eyes.
She knows that Mom-my’s coming in to tell her that it’s time,
To wake her up and gently help her rise.

Gracie sometimes dawdles when she has a lot to do,
Like find her shoes as soon as she is able. So
Mom or Daddy has to say, “Grace it’s time for you
To come downstairs and sit down at the table.” (We say)


Grace come down to breakfast; your
Eggs are getting cold. Your
Brother’s eating all your bacon; the
Baby wants your milk; and
When you’re late it makes me feel I’m old
. . . Before my time!

Then you know it’s time for school, the bus is almost here.
Mom or Dad is saying “Grace” once more:
“Grace the bus will be here soon; don’t forget your mittens.
And as we leave, “Please don’t slam the door.”


Once at school the teacher says, “Children, settle down,
And open up your books to chapter three.” But
Gracie gets distracted, it happens all the time,
And teacher sometimes has to make a plea: (“GRACE!”)


Later, after supper, when we’re saying “Grace” again:
“Gra-cie, it’s time for bed and sleep.” She’s
Disappeared and can’t be found; she’d rather stay up late.
She hides and no one even hears a peep. (We say)


After Gracie goes to bed, Mom relives the day,
Oof saying “Grace” so many times in vain. But
She and Daddy think together how they love her so,
And how tomorrow they’ll say “Grace” again. (They’ll say)