Your Christmas Song

BMI Work ID: 9723678

ISWC: T9012340362

Copyright © 1975, 2011

Songwriter: William H. Reid (BMI #554935423)

Publisher: Fewer Sorrows Music (BMI #636117851)

Every year at Christmastime, I feel your love anew,
And how you open up my eyes, the little things you do.
The way you make me feel alive, a life that gives me reason
To see the world with new-found joy, and love for every season.

(This is your) Christmas Song, for
All the soft green springtimes with
Water runnin’ down from melting snow, and
Early April babies in the herds of deer and cattle that
Mingle in the meadow up the mountain.

(This is your) Christmas Song, for
All the warm brown hillsides up
East of Sacramento
Dried out by the summer sun that won’t let any rain
Come in from the drizzly western coast.

(This is your) Christmas Song, for
All the colored autumns that I
Saw with warmer eyes and fewer sorrows. For a
Soft smoke in a valley from a fire in someone’s cabin that
Makes me feel he’s warm and dry and living.

(This is your) Christmas song, for the
Soft new snow that cushions all my footsteps, and
Covers up the old mistakes of summer, but
Lets the good that will return again, because it’s only sleeping
‘Neath the covered boughs and branches, and
On and in the earth, just as it’s
There inside the souls of you and me.