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2014 Best Cover Song Nominee

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The Robert W. Miles Song Catalog
(hundreds of songs, musicals, even madrigals, by a treasured American composer)


Performance Schedule
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Monday, Jan. 5, 7-9PM -- First Monday Open Mike, On The Rocks (Cottonwood Shores)
Wednesday, Jan. 17 -- Hidden Falls Country Club (Private Show)
Friday, Jan. 9, 7-10PM -- Blues & Tex-Americana, On The Rocks (Cottonwood Shores)
Saturday, Jan 24, 6-8PM -- Blues & Tex-Americana, Texas Tea-Licious (Burnet)
Sat., Jan. 31, 2-5PM -- Blues & Tex-Americana, Fiesta 290 Winery (Luckenbach/Fredericksburg)


Bill and The Fewer Sorrows Band are headed back to Nashville's Hilltop Studios to record Hard Blues and Soft Songs (tentative title). Watch for it in mid-2015!


Check out the new blues sounds from
The Bill Reid Trio!

That's a grandiose way of saying that Duke Davis has joined my solo gigs on bass, and Rick Boss just played his first set with us. We're different from the full Fewer Sorrows Band (and a lot less expensive for listening rooms, dives, juke joints, parties or house concerts).

Duke has played with the best in rock (13th Floor Elevators), blues (with Lightnin' Hopkins) and country. Rick is an outstanding harp player whose credits include albums with Ben Beckendorf (Voodoo Moon and others) and work with John Lee Hooker (watch him play The Orange Blossom Special at Luckenbach HERE or with the Ben Beckendorf band HERE).

Here's a fan photo from our very first set together. I hope we'll be doing a lot more!

Photo by Elise

Rest in Peace, two loved members of the Nashville and Country music community
Romeo Sullivan, Hall-of-Fame DJ, Hattiesburg, MS, died November, 2013
Tommy "Tommy Boom" Wells, drummer/percussionist of Nashville, died November, 2013

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“. . . world-class musicians . . . playing with heart, integrity and respect for the music
. . . (in ‘Miss Otis Regrets’), we hang on every word.”

-- Christine Albert, singer/songwriter and national Board chair,
The Recording Academy® (

"Bill Reid is an American Music icon . . . who writes from his heart and sings from his soul. He has done just that in this new album, Songs for My Family. . . . Another great album. Keep them coming."
-- Linda Weiss, on CDBaby, 2012

". . . a rich tapestry that brings every song alive . . . Reid and the Band take the listener on a nonstop road trip with wonderful hills and curves. It's a great ride!"
-- Kathleen Hudson, Director, Texas Heritage Music Foundation (2011)


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Bill Reid & The Fewer Sorrows Band
A Place Inside My Heart

with the award-winning single, "A Place Inside My Heart"

Bill Reid, Fewer Sorrows Music, A Place Inside My Heart
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copyright (c) 2010, William H. Reid and Fewer Sorrows Music

And don't forget our outstanding Honky Tonk cousin, Chris Reeves!

Cover design copyright (c) 2011, Chris Reeves and Fewer Sorrows Music

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A small homage to Albert Bellson
(formerly Alfonso Ballasone)

Mr. Bellson was my first guitar teacher, in St. Paul, as I was getting a minor in music theory and classical guitar at the University of Minnesota. He was a virtuoso and a wonderful teacher of both classical guitar and his primary instrument, the classical mandolin. He tried mightily to get me to practice, but I would not.

Search out his biography. If you spell his name wrong (Albert Belson, Alberto Balzone, Alfonso Ballazone), you'll end up here and be able to use the correct spelling above.

Cowboy Doug Davis
Fine picker, great singer, friend to all he met,
and not a drugstore cowboy.

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