CONGRATULATIONS! You’re among the first to view our NEW Bill Reid and Fewer Sorrows Music website. This blog is where you’ll see the latest news about upcoming releases, gigs, performance experiences (some funny; some pretty embarrassing) and maybe—just maybe—some freebies and giveaways from time to time. (Some parts may not be finished; if you see a glitch, let me know.) has been around for over 20 years. That may sound like a lot in Internet-speak, but Fewer Sorrows Music and I have actually been writing, performing and publishing music (not to mention learning a lot) for over half a century!

I know what you’re thinking: “Just how old IS this guy? Did he get his start pounding rhythm on rocks outside his cave, or recording with a stylus directly onto a Victrola platen?” (Never heard of that? Google “Victrola,” or look at a Grammy® award statue.)

I started learning guitar while working nights on a parking lot during high school, played my first gigs in Oklahoma City coffeehouses before I graduated, cut my first album in Minneapolis (financed by a local fraternity, who knew a good deal when they saw it), wrote my first music & lyrics as a struggling singer-songwriter in 1960s Minneapolis, and the rest is history. The tunes have gotten a little traction; the albums have gotten better, and the gigs pay more (well, not THAT much more; 99% of performing musicians live from hand to mouth unless they have an MBA or a good day job). Our 2023 album and singles prove it’s still a blast (as do the photos elsewhere on this site).

Check out the new, (finally) modern look and features put together by Nick Landis (absolutely top mastering engineer and part-time Austin web guru). Listen to the samples. Follow the links to download an MP3 or or album, or order a CD. Explore the 1910 Schreiber Bros. (my great uncles) Vaudeville memorabilia. Peruse my books (which have nothing to do with the music, but I’ve gotta make a buck and stay busy between gigs). Send comments or questions via our Contact page. I promise not to bite.

We’ll talk about those freebies later!