Play Frogs for Dinner.

My granddaughters like frogs, so I wrote a tune about frogs. There’s nothing odd about that. Here’s the tune and the story.

Picture this: We’re at Hilltop Studios recording it with some other originals and old-time covers. The producer, Bill Hullett says, “What these tunes need is some tuba.”

I learned a long time ago not to argue with Bill’s sense of musical taste, so I let him finish his thought. As it turned out, he knew a fine tuba player, Joe Murphy, who had just finished recording with Garth Brooks, and Joe was free that afternoon.

Later, Bill roped some of his grandkids and their friends into singing the chorus.

Go gitcha some frogs, now, y’hear?

Bill Hullett, Joe Murphy, Bill Reid, John Nicholson, 2018